Our Background

The University of Waterloo Aquadrone Team is a student-run design team focused on designing a fully autonomous underwater vehicle to compete in the AUVSI RoboSub Competition in San Diego, California. Aquadrone was created in early 2019 by a group of driven engineering students that wanted a unique experience on a design team that had yet to be offered.  Our team is mainly composed of engineering students pursuing either graduate or undergraduate degrees that range across 8 different engineering disciplines, this makes us one of the most diverse engineering design teams at the University of Waterloo. 

We will be competing at the AUVSI RoboSub Competition, and our first competition will be in the summer of 2020. This competition consists of multiple obstacles and tasks for the sub to complete such as the first obstacle, which is locating and driving through the start gate. All obstacles have to be completed without any human interaction or communication and the sub has to rely on its vision and pathfinding systems, making this a fully autonomous competition.

We are one of two teams in Ontario that are competing in the RoboSub competition and the only student design team at the University of Waterloo to be developing underwater robotic systems, making us one of the most unique design teams at the University of Waterloo and in Ontario.

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